• Handmade by Women

    The bags are a sample of the culture of the women who belong to the country's largest
    indigenous group (Wayuu) of this country. In each bag, they weave their thoughts, and the world around them surrounding them, such as nature and animals, mainly through ancestral and abstract symbols transmitted from generation to generation. Also with your purchase, you can preserve women's indigenous craftsmanship.

  • Fair - Trade

    Indigenous women is one of the most vulnerable group that are likely to live in poverty. Femade pays above the average market price for their work. Then, we offer them the opportunity to earn higher income ( as we don't have intermediaries in the supply chain) and have a better quality of life.

  • Sustainable

    Femade products are eco-friendly. As they are handmade, they generate fewer greenhouse gases in the manufacturing process compared to those produced by large corporations, as well as the leather and fast-fashion industries. Since their production is artisanal, small-scale, and non-industrial, energy consumption and waste production is virtually nil. Also, our products are vegan because they are produced without the use of animal materials or derivatives. Last but not least, all our packaging is kraft paper-based or recyclable.