Hi, I'm Paola, I was born in Colombia and emigrated to Canada in 2019. After living a few months in the beautiful country of the North Pole, I traveled to La Guajira, in the north of Colombia, where Wayuu women live, and make handmade crochet bags. I was immediately seduced by their techniques, colors, and above all by the indigenous tradition that is reflected in each product. In addition, I realized the lack of resources that these women have in their daily lives.

I decided to unite my childhood dream of having my own business with a socially conscious brand that would improve the lives of artisans through fair trade purchases by spreading their beautiful creations in my new home and preserving the craftsmanship of Colombian women.

With Femade, I continuously use my creativity to the fullest by designing modern models adapted to the city lifestyle. Each of our products is then a unique combination of modern pieces while honoring traditional Wayuu design. I travel to Colombia once per year, to learn more about the Wayuu culture (mainly, as we have other products made by other women artisans ), meet amazing women, and consolidate our network of artisans.


Femade's mission is to create links between modern women and ancestral Colombian artisans by
offering beautiful accessories that are unique, durable, and versatile. We do so by highlighting the traditional craftmanship, helping to preserve their craft skills and
allowing the artisans to gain financial independence and ensure access to decent living standards.